Producing Scientific Breakthroughs for the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Diagnostics

We have identified a novel biomarker for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which is:

  • Directly involved in DNA replication/proliferation.
  • Endocrine and growth receptor independent.
  • Never before explored as biomarker for the detection of breast cancer.

Our biomarker will offer the following benefits over the currently existing cancer diagnostics:

  • Ideal biomarker for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
  • A global biomarker for all subtypes of breast cancer.
  • Will function as a universal biomarker for cancer detection of other gynecological, such as ovarian, uterine and cervical cancers.
  • A non-invasive diagnostic tool for blood cancers such as acute and chronic myelo cancersid leukemia.
  • Novel early diagnostic biomarker for the progression of cancer.
  • Will function as prognosis/predictive marker of cancer.
  • No more finding a needle in the haystack. We already found it.
  • Precision biomarker with predictive pathway-will overcome issues of physician doubt and payers reluctance.

We have designed a unique technology for detection of the gene of our biomarker from three different primary human breast cancer cell lines and we are currently developing a multiplex PCR kit for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.