Producing Scientific Breakthroughs for the Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer

We have identified three drug entities for our novel drug target that will revolutionize the development of anti-cancer drugs in the future:

  • Two shRNAs
  • Four micro (mi)RNAs
  • Eight Small Molecule entities

These drug entities will offer the following benefits:

  • First Targeted therpay for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
  • Directly targets DNA replication/cell proliferation machinery in all kinds of cancer cells leaving no room for a work-round.
  • Will not directly damage the DNA, as observed with other conventional anti-cancer drugs, thus minimizing cell toxicity and improving patient survival rates.
  • Will function as a universal Biomarker for global anti-cancer therapy.
  • Selectively target only cancer cells.

The data obtained thus far strongly suggests that these drug entities will work on all kinds of Breast Cancers.

Our anti-cancer drug entities have undergone extensive “in-vitro proof of concept” in three different human breast cancer cells.

In-vivo animal testing, in mouse xenograft models demonstrate that our drug entities were very successful in regressing breast tumors and are therapeutically active.