Producing Scientific Breakthroughs for the Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Battling Triple Negative Breast Cancer is a difficult and painful journey, more so, because there are no targeted therapies currently available for its treatment, leaving a gaping void that needs to be addressed with utmost urgency.

 We have identified two drug leads that directly inhibits our novel molecular target, in Triple Negative Breast Cancer cells.

 Our Drug leads offer the following benefits:

  • First Targeted therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
  • Directly targets DNA replication/cell proliferation machinery, leaving no room for a roundabout.
  • Will not directly damage the DNA, as observed with other conventional anti-cancer drugs, thus minimizing cell toxicity, and improving patient survival rates.
  • Receptor independent and hence will be an effective therapy for all types of breast cancer.
  • Inhibits cancer cell viability by 95%
  • Causes cancer cell death by necroptosis.
  • Selectively targets only cancer cells.